"Thank you Brenda! 

(My daughter) called me after your meeting today and said 'Brenda really makes me feel like I have My Life Together'   HAHA….so thank you for that!! :-)"

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your time and insight with (my daughter). She has enjoyed working with you and we are both very happy with the results of your sessions. Her admission essay has her voice, is unique, and definitely gives the reader more information about who she really is. She would not have been able to do that alone. We will be in touch as she moves to the next steps.”

"Thank you, Brenda!  You have been a tremendous support. We tell all of our friends with freshman and sophomore children to hire you!"

"Brenda, to say 'thank you' is really so inadequate in describing (my son’s) and my gratitude for what you did for him. He had wonderful puzzle pieces, but you helped him assemble it. He needed the guidance and confidence that you gave him. The help Fiona gave him with his essays helped take his writing to a new level - and it helped him realize how much he loves writing. Thank you Brenda…"

"I just wanted to let you know that I believe all letters are in and it’s a complete sweep. (Our daughter) got accepted into every school she applied to. Almost unbelievable but I have to thank you sincerely for helping us through this process. It’s just amazing. You did a fantastic job and this definitely goes in the 'Brenda Wins Again' column!! Congratulations and THANK YOU!!"

“We are so happy for (our daughter) that all of her years of hard work have paid off and she can go to the college that really was her first choice. Thank you so very much for being such a big part of that journey. Like I said before, you have been worth your weight in gold!!”

"I know she will miss seeing you and hearing your words of encouragement!!


She really could not have done it without you!!


Thank you for being her mentor!!"

"Thank you SO much for all of your help, you have given me so many wonderful insights. I have officially submitted all of my applications so now I just have to wait… I will definitely stay in touch and let you know about decisions ASAP!"

"...Your guidance has kept her on track and has greatly reduced her (and our) stress level. (Our daughter) likes working with you and she thanked us a few nights ago for hiring you to help her navigate this confusing process. We feel confident that your help has allowed her to open up to show her true self and, regardless of the outcome, you have put her in the best position possible."