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Initial Consultation




Are you on the right track? Let’s schedule an initial consultation first to discuss your questions, concerns, and goals.


This one-hour consultation is for students and their parents, and it is an opportunity for us to talk through how to approach finding your best-fit college. I ask that you send me your transcript and available test scores prior to our meeting and I will provide a thorough analysis. We can meet either in person or remotely via Webex, whichever you prefer.

Every student is unique, so I offer a range of services with a focus on the student’s interests, goals, strengths, and priorities. The Initial Consultation may be all you need, or you may choose an Individualized Plan or an All-Inclusive Plan (described below).  

Individualized Plan

starting at $240

Together we will create a individualized plan of action, providing you with a clear schedule for meeting your college goals.

One session is $240. 

A session includes a one-hour one-on-one meeting in addition to any necessary research and planning both before and after. Emails, texts, and phone calls in between sessions are also included.

We’ll determine how many sessions you’ll need based on the schools you are applying to and how much work you want to do on your own at home. We can adjust your plan if necessary.  Regardless of how many sessions you choose, you can feel comfortable knowing that you can contact me at any time.

This plan is perfect for students who want to take advantage of my experience when developing a college list, creating a resume, planning an essay, or filling out applications – but who do not necessarily want help with every step of the process. 


If you would rather have a mentor managing deadlines and tasks from the moment you start thinking about college, consider the all-inclusive plan. 


This plan includes the number of sessions necessary to prepare, complete, and follow-up on up to 8 college applications. Students typically meet between 15 and 22 times starting in 9th, 10th, or 11th grades, through the spring of senior year.

All-Inclusive Plan
  • exploration of possible majors and unique programs

  • resume development and frequent updates

  • recommendations for appropriate high school coursework

  • direction for extracurricular activities, community service, and summer enrichment

  • standardized testing advice and timeline development

  • resources for financial aid and scholarships

  • development of balanced college list, considering qualifications and budget

  • preparation for campus visits and interviews

  • coaching for effective college essays

  • advice regarding athletic recruiting, arts portfolios, performance auditions, military academies, and transfer applications

  • oversight in application completion and deadline management

  • evaluation of acceptances and financial aid packages

  • and more!

Services Offered
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