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Your college journey 

starts here.


There are over 3,000 four-year accredited colleges in the United States, each with their own unique application and admission requirements, all of which can change from year to year. Applying to college can be confusing and stressful for students and their families. I am here to help.

I help families sift through the hype and the barrage of information related to the college admissions experience and focus on what matters the most—the college-bound student.  

I believe finding the best-fit college should be a time of reflection, discovery, and confidence—with a dose of reality and laughter. At the start of every application season I look forward to the many conversations I have with my students, who introduce me to new ideas and interests. In turn, I offer years of experience, the curiosity to learn more and stay current with college admissions, and the skills to help organize the process.  

My individualized plans are for the services you need, at a cost that makes sense. Let's get started! 


When should I call to schedule an Initial Consultation?

I want you to enjoy high school and not stress about college. That being said, if you want advice about your course selections, community service, or summer opportunities, feel free to contact me as early as second semester freshman year. Otherwise, the summer before your junior year is ideal for most students. But don't hesitate to call if you are a rising senior!

Where do parents fit into the college application process?

Parents are an extremely important, and necessary, part of this process. After all, it's likely it will be the parents who will be paying the college bills! I turn to parents often for insight into a student's strengths and motivations, and to understand a family's priorities.  What's special about how I work with students is that I allow them time to reflect, explore, and change their minds. I expect students to take ownership of their college path. As a result, they gain confidence in their informed decisions, and they head to college knowing they have what it takes to succeed.

I'm a very busy high school student!  How can I add one more thing to my schedule?

I love working with busy students! Applying to college should not be another extracurricular activity. Let's look at your schedule and we'll figure it out. We'll plan a convenient meeting schedule, but we'll also talk about what you can do at home. Throughout the process, I'm just a phone call/email/text away if you have a question.



Have questions?

Give me a call or send me an email.

(407) 702-0432



Are you on the right track?

Schedule an initial consultation and let's discuss your questions, concerns, and goals.



Together we will develop a personalized plan of action that will ensure a confident college application process.

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